Saturday, 9 August 2014


Tervitused Amsterdami lennujaamast. Veel on jäänud natuke aega Amsterdam-Entebbe lennuni. Hetkel on tunne, et kõige raskem osa on möödas, sest enam ei pea kolima-pakkima-asju otsima ja ostma ning isegi kui mõtleksin, et kas ikka sai nüüd kõik kaasa, siis enam pole mõtlemisest eriti kasu. Ainuke hommikune probleem oli takso tellimine - helistasin vähemalt 5 erinevat firmat läbi, kuid vaba taksot polnud. Lõpuks otsustasin oma vana telefoni asemel interneti kaudu taxify teenuseid proovida ning muidugi saabus lahendus kohe, geniaalne teenus!

Greetings from Amsterdam airport. There is still some time left until my Amsterdam-Entebbe flight. At the moment it feels that the most difficult part is over now because I do not need to move-pack-search-buy things and even if I wanted to think whether I have everything with me then these thoughts cannot help me anymore.
The only problem in the early morning was getting a taxi, I called ca 5 companies with no success and then finally came up with the idea of using taxify and the solution (==taxi) was found in seconds, really good and helpful service!

So here I go with a small backpack and another 14.5kg luggage already on the plane.

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  1. I hope you realise I will start posting random neat things I read about Uganda in your comments! Such as this:
    Also, you travel light.