Monday 30 May 2022

May away but back to stay

Unexpectedly May brought me away from Uganda for a few weeks following some health issues - and unfortunately most of the projects I was working on I had to give them up. 

In the meantime I managed to prepare remotely and plant the seeds for some upcoming amazing projects that will happen during the summer. I am glad I have such an amazing team on my side, and I want to thank Clarisse especially for the work she took on in my absence.

The first was a visit to CEFOVID members’ group. CEFOVID (Community Empowerment For Village Development) is a registered indigenous Charity Organization, established in 2010. Their mission is to challenge and respond to the causes and consequences of vulnerability and poverty.  They mobilise communities by giving them the skills they need to overcome their challenges and live a self-sustaining life with dignity. For example their main activities are around Education, through enrolling and sponsoring children in schools, Health Camps, by offering free medical services for community members, WASH, by bringing clean water to the households, offering sanitary kits and organising community clean ups; Life Skills, offering workshops in tailoring for young mothers, and finally basic ICT training - they have been doing so for the last 7 years, but as the most recent trainer left, this is where we step in! Clarisse and I will be training 12 of their members, some of whom will become trainers themselves. 

As I was away, Clarisse organised and started the training which is now happening every Wednesday. This is a picture from last week where members were learning the basics of  smartphone photography. 

On my way back from CEFOVID I decided to take a walk encountering a very typical fauna from Kampala… street goats chilling under a tree!

At UPA, in the meantime, we started our first ICT session with the members of the central and cultural branches, who will become ICT instructors from their community. The first session was really nice, with thanks to Ronald who took the stage to lead some mid-morning stretching exercise and re-energise the group.

Being away from home and facing health difficulties is not fun, but I am staying focused, enjoying Villa Mamu’s home vibes, trying to be patient and hopeful that I will still explore so much of what this adventure in Uganda can offer me.