Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kus ja kuidas ma elan. / Where and how I live.

Siin mõned pildid UPA külalistemajast, kus hetkel elan. Selle asukohast on linna minibussis 0,5-1h (oleneb liiklusest) ning Bluesky kooli umbes 40 minutit minibussis ja 10 minutit boda-bodal. Transpordist ja selle iseärasustest tuleb varsti kindlasti eraldi postitus.

Here are some pictures taken in the UPA guesthouse where I am living currently. From there it takes me half to one hour with a minibus to Kampala and 40min minibus + 10min boda boda to the Bluesky school. The specifics and peculiarities of the local traffic will soon be dealt with in a separate blog post.

Life under a mosquito net.

Vegetables from the local market, the smaller ones 100-200 UGX each and the eggplant for maybe 400.

Finnish volunteer Riina trying out the local traditional handicrafts (weaving from palm leaves' fiber).

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