Monday, 14 November 2022

The people of Uganda are amazing

 I was employed in Uganda for a short time, only two months, but during that time I got to know the country and the people who live there. I was warmly and cordially received in Uganda by the Uganda Pioneers Association.

I had three different work locations in Uganda: Kampala Disabled Initiative (KDI), Kikooba Women with Abilities, Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group (Gulu town)

My objectives in the workplace were to assist all groups to help to prepare high-quality products, working out new products, and increasing their sales. My aim was also to create a dynamic network between all the groups.

In addition to improving my tailoring skills, I taught knitting in KDI and crocheting in Kikooba. We made bags and hats.

To Uganda, I would definitely like to come back.

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