Sunday, 25 September 2022

All you need is a Community

It is time to say goodbye to Kikooba Infant & Primary School as my deployment arrived at its end! There were six months of understanding a different culture and way of work, exchanging knowledge, facing problems together, and trying to find a solution as a team to improve our school environment. 

September in Kikooba

Good School Workshop – Good Teacher

What is a Good Teacher? After a self-evaluation form, teachers could reflect on their role, and which improvements they have to make for interacting positively and creatively with the students. Through group discussions and sharing of thoughts, teachers write down the qualities and responsibilities and don´t of a good teacher. Thanks to the use of the microfinance supported by Mondo NGO through the EUAV program, I could provide school materials like glue, tape, manillas, crayons and colored felt pens and a fully equipped case with pens, pencil, sharpener, rubber, and marker for all the teachers.

Good School Workshop – Positive Discipline

Kikooba Infant & Primary School Teachers could have an overview of the most important international, African and Ugandan laws regarding children´s rights, tips on how to implement positive discipline, and the use of fair and non-violent response within the community. Teachers underlined how the need of creating a positive environment where students feel protected and respected, it is the priority to cease them to focus on self-protection and open themselves to personal growth.

Code of Conduct

The director, teachers, prefects representatives of all the students, and I worked together to create the code of conduct of Kikooba Infant & Primary School. It was a fruitful activity to communicate, to discuss problems, worries, and responsibilities of both sides. After writing down the rules for teachers and students, everyone agreed on them and underlined the responsibility to ensure that these guidelines are followed.


I couldn´t do anything alone without the community who welcomed me. These six months were challenging in many different ways but I was always supported by my mentors of Mondo and UPA and my fellows EUAV colleagues. I found a team of teachers always available and reactive to my requests and proposal, and who actively participated in all the workshops and training I implemented. I was surrounded by 300 students who every morning greeted me with a big smile. Finally, my Ugandan Mama treated me like a daughter, and the community appreciated all my efforts to bring some improvements to their environment. I found a second home in this little village. Mwebale nnyo!

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